Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are your services discreet?
  • I know you don't expect gifts, but what do you like?
  • Can I massage you?
  • What's involved in the toy show?
  • What does your Loyalty Program entitle me to?
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
  • Do you have any testimonials?
  • Do you provide lunch, dinner and other companion services?
  • Do you provide outcalls?
  • Where are you located?
  • Why aren’t your specific services listed more explicitly?
  • Are you services legal?
  • I am a mature gentleman over 50. Would you be happy to see me?
  • Do you see couples?
  • Do you see women?
  • Do you offer unprotected services?
  • Will you undress, and can I touch you during your service?
  • Do you offer “full service”?

Yes. It is very important to me that your privacy, safety and security are protected at all times. You will never receive any unsolicited calls, text or emails from me. We all have personal lives and I do everything in my power to protect my personal life as well as those of my guests. If you have a contact timeframe, please let me know (eg, "please reply after 9am or before 4:30pm") and I will always respect that. 

Yes, I don't expect gifts and I am perfectly happy with the renumuration you provide for my time. If you are going to bring something anyway, I can make it easier for you, because some things you might not guess, unless you know me well. I would be thrilled with anything you choose to bring or any options below:

Lingerie - Honey Birdette, Agent Provocateur etc (10DD for bras, small for suspenders and g-strings/briefs). Or anything you would love to see me in. 

Gift cards to Coles, Woolworths, Myer, David Jones, Rebel Sport, Amart, Honey Birdette etc

I love sports so anything to do with running or hiking (Skins or 2XU size 8 or Small) or sexy work-out gear. 

I have a thing for sports supplements - Gift vouchers to ASN, Nutrition Warehouse, Genesis Nutrition, Muscle Coach.

Perfume - anything nice (Miss Dior Le Parfum, Chanel)

Any new adult toys or products, shoes, boots or costumes. And yes we can experiment with them during our session. :)


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Yes of course! Please do! Who doesn't enjoy a massage? My sessions are a two-way street so you are more that welcome to massage my naked body if that is something you enjoy doing. Sometimes I find it helps nervous gentlemen to relax first as the focus is off them as they put their energy into touching me. I can be very sensitive at times so I appreciate gentle hands and responsive ears but generally my body language will be enough to guide you.

Please let me know if you are looking for a session to just massage me. I can be in lingerie or nude. You may be fully dressed or nude as well. Please ask for rates. 

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Ah this is a question I am asked on a regular basis but I am never quite sure how to reply. My toy show features predominately me, a toy such as a vibrator and a very positive outcome (well at least I think it is positive). You are most welcome to assess whether it is "simulating" for you.

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Due to a significant number of recent requests/demands from clients how have seen me on one or two occasions and expect to receive all the benefits that my special long-term guests receive, I have removed this section. My special guests realise we build a unique and genuine relationship over time and that I extend a number of benefits to them that a first or second time client might not receive. These include priority bookings, ensuring you get the most convenient times available to you, extra time when available, your favourite beverage in the fridge ready for you, and most importantly, a special bond and true friendship, where I remember those things important to you.  I enjoy the privillege of extending these things subtly and according to circumstances and no gentleman will EVER demand it. The gentlemen who enjoy regular time with me know they receive premium service.

I accept:


Bank transfer (must clear in my bank)

Direct deposit into my account. Over the counter or via smart ATM. 

Credit or Debit card - I have Eftpos. 

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

I also accept payment in foreign currency for international guests. 

Please ensure you know my rates and anything special you would like to include in your session so you can hand me the correct amount before the commencement of our time together to avoid any transactional flavour to our meeting.

Yes I do. I haven’t put them on my web site as it is too easy to just write up anything and include them. If you would like to know what my genuine clients have to say about my services, you can read the reviews at the end of my profile on the website Scarlet Blue. 

Additionally, if you would like to leave your review or feeback (positive or constructive criticism) please email me with it or send it to Scarlet Blue. Thank you! 

Yes, Definitely! I would love to join you! If you are looking for a companion to join you for lunch, dinner or some other social event, you will find that I am not only stunning when undressed, but can be a beautiful and sexy companion to accompany you to any social occasion. You will find that I am articulate and well educated and can mix well in any setting. And of course we can finish our date by enjoying my exquisite erotic relaxation services. Please contact me and we can discuss your requirements and pricing.

While my erotic relaxation services are predominately available from my incall location,  I would be happy to join you for a dinner outing and sensual relaxation after. This will only apply to 3-4hr bookings and I may request a deposit. Please feel free to contact me to discuss your booking dates and your individual requirements. We could combine a dinner date and meet first for some saucy flirting over dinner before retiring for fun.

I am located in a central unit in the Brisbane CBD. There are several car parking lots within an easy stroll and there is often street parking right outside for late evening and weekend appointments.

The closest carparks I would recommend would be the carpark on the corner of Albert and Margaret Streets, The George Street Carpark or the Charlotte Street Carpark. I am a very short stroll from each of these carparks.

Queensland laws that regulate this industry do not allow me to list my specific services directly; however, I am able to answer any questions you may have about my services via text or email in far greater detail.


Absolutely - 100%! All of my services comply fully with all Queensland legislation, where private service providers operate within the framework of the law. Neither I nor my clients are doing anything illegal and you can rest assured that there is no way that the authorities would be concerned about our time together.  

Of course! I am delighted to provide my services to mature age gentlemen. I will treat you with the respect you deserve and ensure that you do not feel uncomfortable in any way because of an age difference. I value a sense of humour and mutual respect much more than physical appearance. I have some of my most pleasant encounters with my mature gentlemen so please feel welcome to come and see for yourself why the "old boys" enjoy their time with me!


A couple’s service is available, and is a great way to spice up your sex life, and even learn some exciting new techniques and moves. However, I need to be very sure that both partners are comfortable with attending a couple’s service before confirming a booking. Women are often self-conscious so please take age and body size into consideration when booking a session for your female partner's sake.  I am likely to take the enquiry much more seriously if it comes from the lady.

Here's my recent blog on Couples Massage:  


Yes I do enjoy seeing couples! Many couples toy with the idea of having someone join them in their sexual exploration. Erotic massage is an awesome stepping stone for many couples as they ease into the idea of a threesome. Erotic massage is exciting enough to add real spice to a relationship that will last after you leave the session, but it's also a nice gentle way to see how comfortable each partner feels with the addition of a erotic masseuse or escort, while maintaining any boundaries you would like to establish.

In order for a session to flow smoothly I like to run through a few things with a couple:

1. Prior to contacting me, please ensure both partners are 100% comfortable with the idea of seeing a masseuse. Gents, you may have a fantasy of seeing your lady with another woman. Please make sure your lady shares that fantasy. I won't do a "surprise" booking with your partner. I need to know she consents and is comfortable being with a woman. Being bi-curious is 100% fine, as I will be guided by her body language and how much contact she wants with me. Some woman are happy for the majority of my attention to be given to their man. Others prefer more attention themselves. Which, I might add, has never being an issue with the gents.

2. Please discuss any personal boundaries/dos or don'ts. Check with each other. For instance, your partner might be comfortable with kissing, hand relief but specify 'no oral'. Let her tell you what she is happy with and we will all have a great time. You can text me your boundaries before the booking or I can discreetly ask after we've met.

3. If your lady is very bi then try and involve her in the process or choosing your masseuse or escort. She may look for someone she is physically attracted to or she may try and choose more by personality. If you are choosing, my recommendation is to try and pick someone a similar age and size to your partner. You don't need me to tell you, but women can be very self-conscious and harsh on themselves, so while you think she is stunning and should be proud of her body, she may be comparing and judging herself negatively. Be mindful of specific compliments to your masseuse or escort, as these may make your partner feel critical of herself. I always enjoy finding positive things to focus on, so compliments to your partner are a great way to help her feel positive and sexy. We all have flaws but confidence and body acceptance help women feel sexier.

4. As far as what happens during a booking, I usually begin with a lap dance and strip tease with the lady. The gents never complain about watching. I will perform a slow sensual oil body rub for her. Of course, the partner is always involved by this stage. I offer toys for her enjoyment. At some stage, the male partner will find himself oiled up and enjoying the various pleasures two women can provide. 

5. And yes, many couples have the fantasy of enjoying intimacy while being watched. I have no issue with whatever you are comfortable with as a couple. I mean, hey, it gives me an opportunity to find a toy and give it a workout. But the question is, can you handle three climaxes at once?

I am genuinely bisexual, enjoy giving pleasure to both woman and men, and offer the same range of services to ladies as I do for gentlemen. However, as women connect erotically on a more emotional level then men, please take a little time to share a bit about yourself and what you enjoy.  Come and enjoy some "girly time" ladies!

No, I never provide unprotected services. I value my sexual health and that of all my clients (and their potential present and future partners) and will always politely refuse to provide unprotected services. I hold a QLD Government ‘Sexual Health Certificate’ and ensure that safe sexual practices are used at all times. In addition, unprotected services are illegal to request, accept or provide under QLD law. Please show respect by not requesting unprotected services under any circumstances.

Touching is usually ok if gentle and respectful and yes, all lingerie will come off at some stage. . . Please be aware though, that while a sensual touch can be very pleasant and arousing, grabbing, groping, pinching and very firm pressure can be a mood-killer. Please be aware of body language - if something feels good, no one pulls away or repositions themselves. You may wonder why some massage ladies do not allow touching? Well most times it is a result of gents not quite knowing how to touch a woman. If you need direction and aren't too good on reading subtle body language, then please always ask "is that ok?", "Do you mind if I. . .?".   I love my back and neck tickled and for me, this is the most effective 'warm-up routine' you can follow. Going straight for the anatomy that men so highly prize is not always the best way to turn a woman on. Start elsewhere and work your way to the best parts! It usually works a treat. :)

No, I do not offer full service, so please don't request anyway. My regular guests would tell you that my erotic and sensual relaxation services are more mind blowing than most full services they have experienced. With a sensual relaxation session the focus is all on you luxuriating in the sensations and enjoying the pampering. No performance anxiety required!

[For those new to the experience, "full service" refers to intercourse, something which I do not offer during my sessions].



I love ? reviews on Scarlet Blue so if we have spent time together please feel free to do a review and either send it to me or direct to Scarlet Blue (submit under my profile page). I see lots of couples and I would really appreciate a quick review to help new couples ease their nerves. Big thank you to everyone who has taken time to do a review for me. ? 


If you would like to enjoy an extra treat, let me arrange a 'four-hands' massage for you. 

Additional Services

Feel free to let me know if there is a particular service or experience you are after and I will do my best to accomodate.